Portable Housing Initiative

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More and more it seems like jobs are in one place and housing is in another. Housing prices are high, rent is high, and jobs are halfway across the country. Worse yet, those jobs are mostly precarious, being easily moved from one place to another, paying low wages and offering very little in the way of job security. What if we could keep up? What if we could live a life somewhere between being a nomad and a settler?


I suggest precarious living…wait that sounds scary. I suggest… portable housing! If your job leaves you, move right along with it. It could be easier than you think, if we fabricated houses that were designed to be packed up, loaded on a truck or train and reassembled at our destination. 


  1. Houses built in shipping container sized sections (some assembly required)
  2. Trucks and Trains
  3. The need for…travel!
  4. Housing designs from qualified architects
  5. Prefabricated lots/foundations (like campgrounds but for houses not RV’s)


  1. Create legislation or a petition
  2. Get it passed into law
  3. Get architects on the job
  4. Get building


  1. Housing is owned and portable
  2. Opens up a whole new industry of travelling jobs (sales, trades etc)
  3. Boost for the economy
  4. Increased wages
  5. Higher standard of living
  6. Ideal for people who want to explore their homeland
  7. Easy to pack up and go!


Where there is a problem that needs to be solved, there is ingenuity! All we need is the desire and motivation to help each other in times of need and the heart to put our neighbour first!

Voice In The Wind Magazine Inc.


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