Mayoral Challenge – Greenest City/Town Challenge

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Have you ever wondered what a greener more sustainable world would look like? Have you ever wondered how long it would take for us to get there? Sometimes, we can speed up a process like this by making it more fun and adding a little competition. 


I suggest we start a competition for the greenest (therefore most environmentally improved) city or town in the world. We can start by creating a league by city or town name. Entry into the competition will be voluntary and leaving will be too (real life sometimes gets in the way). Cities will be ranked each year and the winner given an award (as listed below). Points are awarded for various accomplishments (as listed below). Side bets are encouraged (provided they are in fun) for mayors to wear the other city’s team jersey, give a delicacy etc.


  1. Green investments made (say, a point per $1 Million)
  2. Percent of city that is fully green
  3. Percent of city that is green powered
  4. Number of incentives for residents and dollar value to them
  5. Company incentives and programs
  6. Type of green power used (solar, wind, hydro)
  7. Green innovation
  8. Goals set and made (each month, each year, 5 years) (assumes end date of competition)
  9. Public opinion (Do people like the changes? Are they well thought out?)
  10. Recycling/Compost programs
  11. Decrease in water usage
  12. Noise reduction
  13. Aesthetics (How city looks, design and architecture)
  14. Harmony (How in touch with nature is the city? How is the natural environment incorporated into the designs?)


To be added to document later


  1. Trophy with mayor’s name
  2. Cheque from federal government to help cover costs
  3. Entry into “Guiness Book of World Records”
  4. Bragging rights


  1. Increased tourism economy
  2. City is more in touch with nature
  3. Increased green space
  4. Cleaner air and water
  5. Better mental health


I believe that together we can make positive changes to the world around us and help to inspire future generations. We can find solutions that are economical and environmentally conscientious. We can set a course for the stars!

Voice In The Wind Inc.


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