Banff Treasure Hunt

  • Voice in the Wind Magazine





Imagine a snow covered paradise. Mountains that look like pearls in the new fallen snow and the cold air on your face. Beautiful right? The problem is that it’s November, the heart of the slow season in Banff. The ski-hills aren’t open yet because it’s too early for grooming the hills and it’s now too cold for most people to want to be outside. What to do, what to do? That is the question. 


I suggest that Banff starts a treasure hunt. We pick items that are hidden around town, like the Lord Of The Rings (JRR Tolkien) box set I once saw in a barbershop, and put those items on a list of things for people to find during their vacation. All the little nuggets hidden around town become a uniquely Canadian treasure hunt. It’s as easy as browsing through our stores and shops! Participants can submit their answers online through a webpage set up for the treasure hunt.


  1. The webpage
  2. List of uniquely Canadian  items found around town
  3. Participation of shops and stores eager to receive customers
  4. Advertising campaign
  5. An app for smartphones
  6. A prize (other than bragging rights)
  7. Unique plaques/statues/gardens on our trails


  1. Makes an old game new again
  2. Generates business during the slow season
  3. Is not destructive to nature or disruptive to wildlife (passive activity)
  4. Indoor game can continue year round/outside portion for summer only
  5. Budget friendly


I hope that…I don’t forget to write a conclusion like I did for this one. Bugger! Oh well.


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