Home Outbreak Kits – Part 1

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You’ve probably heard the saying that a boy scout is “always prepared”. Well maybe we could all be a little better prepared for some of the natural disasters that occur regularly on earth – like outbreaks of diseases.


I suggest we begin the manufacture of  outbreak kits designed for home storage and day-to-day use by everyday people. These kits should be easy to store and contain items that professionals say are helpful to us in these situations.


  1. Kit, box, backpack or other means of storage
  2. Any items professionals suggest we need ( which may include wipes, gloves, masks, thermometer) per their recommendations. Whatever is effective and useful – ask doctors, surgeons, nurses etc.
  3. Checklist to ensure all items are in the kit and refilled


  1.  Hopefully an increased preparedness for outbreaks
  2. A possible quicker end to the state of emergency
  3. Should lessen the economic damage
  4. Should mean less time off
  5. Hopefully fewer cases of illness


We all want the best outcome in these situations and sometimes little things can go a long way in helping. Just having these kits around might remind us to teach our kids what to do in the event of an outbreak. It may  even save lives. Maybe it reduces the number of people that fall ill or maybe it just gives us peace of mind and a reason to be calm during a tense situation. Even a few small improvements is a step in the right direction.

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