Redefining the All Inclusive Package

M.G. McIntosh OPINION 12/29/2021 CONCEPT REPORT Voice in the Wind Magazine Inc. INTRODUCTION This is an idea I had in response to an article in the Rocky Mountain Outlook, which stated that the Town of Banff was looking at a tourism fee to cover the costs of services. One service that was floated was free … Continue reading Redefining the All Inclusive Package


Super Nintendo World Japan – Part 6

Section 6: Sports M.G. McIntosh OPINION 09/22/2021 CONCEPT REPORT (EXT.) INTRODUCTION Alright. Time for one of my favourite things in the whole world - sports. Whether you like soccer, hockey, baseball, cricket, tennis or rugby there’s a whole world of sports for Mario to delve right into - so game on! JERSEYS Who wouldn’t want … Continue reading Super Nintendo World Japan – Part 6