Maple Leafs Superhero Costumes

M.G. McIntosh OPINION 03/02/2022 CONCEPT REPORT Voice in the Wind Magazine Inc. Introduction Hello again hockey fans! I am back with another article for you. For this idea I’m combining two of my favourites: hockey and Hallowe’en! And do I love Hallowe’en! I’ve loved haunted houses and horror movies, but I’m going to go in … Continue reading Maple Leafs Superhero Costumes

Transgender Sports Dilemma

M.G. McIntosh OPINION 01/23/2022 CONCEPT REPORT Voice in the Wind Magazine Inc. INTRODUCTION There was a huge controversy surrounding a trans athlete named Lia Thomas, who competes in swimming recently.  I’m not going to judge, so don’t worry. This is a place for everyone. I’m actually not going to talk about anything related to gender … Continue reading Transgender Sports Dilemma