Maple Leafs Superhero Costumes

M.G. McIntosh OPINION 03/02/2022 CONCEPT REPORT Voice in the Wind Magazine Inc. Introduction Hello again hockey fans! I am back with another article for you. For this idea I’m combining two of my favourites: hockey and Hallowe’en! And do I love Hallowe’en! I’ve loved haunted houses and horror movies, but I’m going to go in … Continue reading Maple Leafs Superhero Costumes


Futuristic “Dumb” Watch

M.G. McIntosh OPINION 12/15/2021 CONCEPT REPORT Voice in the Wind Magazine Inc. INTRODUCTION Okay. I admit it. This one is tongue-in-cheek. I’d like to introduce you to the futuristic “dumb” watch. This is basically “tricking out”  a $30 watch from Wal-Mart. Now, I wouldn’t call Wal-Mart cheap, but I would say that’s the expensive one. … Continue reading Futuristic “Dumb” Watch

The Slot Machine Hockey Team

Section 1: Overview M.G. McIntosh OPINION 02/03/2021 CONCEPT REPORT (Sports) INTRODUCTION These days, almost every organization is building a hockey team whose primary purpose is to be exciting, addicting and fun to watch. I call it ‘the slot machine hockey team’ because it’s so addicting to watch, it’s like being at a casino. And I’ve … Continue reading The Slot Machine Hockey Team

The ‘Stop Play’ Light

M.G. McIntosh OPINION 02/09/2021 CONCEPT REPORT (Sports) WHAT HAPPENED I’m a pretty big hockey fan. I follow the NHL pretty closely. I couldn’t help but read about the Carolina Hurricanes goal being challenged by the Columbus Blue Jackets and the ensuing mess. Apparently, the linesmen, the Columbus Replay Room and the Situation Room got their … Continue reading The ‘Stop Play’ Light