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I’ve been rewatching an old favorite of mine called “Chuck”. It’s a t.v. show about a nerd who gets a computer in his brain and becomes a spy. Along the way I decided to try my hand at creating a running gag: Today’s Successful Man Magazine. It’s a magazine, which would be sold at the Buy More and be used to show that Jeff and Lester never measure up to a woman’s expectations. Each day there would be a different bar or yardstick to measure a man’s success against and the corresponding cover photo: money (billionaire),  survival skills (Leon S. Kennedy from the Resident Evil video game series), athleticism (pick your sports icon) etc.


Jeff and Lester are working the Nerd Herd desk when two women approach. Lester tries to get a date with one of them. She rejects him. “You should be more sensitive to women’s issues. Dating is so hard  for women right now. The standard of beauty is so unreal.” And Jeff just loses it. (Exacerbated) “Your prospects for a date tonight are a dishwasher and a cab driver! Who cares if you like a girl from Baywatch?!? How does that even make sense?!? Who are you making happy here?!? The guy who drives you to the airport?!? We have to measure up to every yardstick on the goddamn planet! Money! Cars! Muscle! Business! You name it! You women are worse than my tailor! You stick a measuring tape in places I didn’t know you could measure!!!” Jeff storms over to the magazine rack. “What’s today’s bar?!?” He looks at the magazine cover. To add insult to injury it’s Devon Woodcomb, smiling and happy. “I have an awesome attitude – I don’t pop off about man issues.” Jeff is in a full blown rant. “Temperament?!? I failed that one too – you smug bastard!!! Throwing the magazine to the floor in disgust and frustration, Jeff storms off leaving Lester alone to explain the situation. “Uhh Jeff…is upset. So I’m…” Lester trails off pointing in the direction Jeff went. “I’m going to deal with that…”. Lester follows in the direction Jeff left. End scene.


This little scene is just one example of how I think we will see the topic of Men’s issues brought to the small screen in the future. It stands to reason that the more people feel like they can talk about these things without fear of judgment, the more these things will see sunlight. And the more they will appear in mainstream media. As for the content of the rant – the fact that the benchmark for success has changed throughout time and with circumstances, well let’s just say that I can feel bad for women too. The reasons for dating being difficult are understandably different, but we all face hardships. Sometimes people just want to feel heard. Sometimes men want to feel heard. Is that too much to ask?


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