Home Outbreak Kits – Part 2

Section 2: Gas Mask Lite

M.G. McIntosh





This is part 2 of an article I wrote quite a while ago. It turns out that I forgot to finish the project (as I call it). A project is a multi-part concept, for those of you who may not know. In this case, the project is the home outbreak kits. 

Picture This

Imagine you have a kit of some sort. Maybe it’s in a box. Maybe it’s in a tackle box, tool box or some other box with dividers. It’s yours, so be creative. Make it your own. Inside that box is all the stuff you’ll need for a pandemic. What would be in it?


THe most important thing to have during an outbreak, is probably a mask. In this case a light gas mask. I picture one with disposable filters that screw into the ends. This would allow the filters to be changed, upgraded or made for specific purposes. Filter types could include micro filters, hepa filters etc. and would be useful in different scenarios: wildfire, volcanic eruption, city pollution, pandemic etc. It would be a multi purpose gas mask.


The health of our lungs can be affected by different things from pathogens to chemicals and even smoke. It makes sense to protect our lungs from the worst hazards by using an appropriate mask. But why have multiple masks if you just swap out filters? Might as well skip the disposable masks because they just end up in the landfill anyway. One multi purpose mask could last a lifetime – and be less wasteful. It would also be lighter to carry, which is nice if you want to pack it for a trip.


  1. Light enough to carry
  2. Multiple filters allow mask to adapt to different situations
  3. Easy to use screw-in system makes changing filters easy
  4. Reusable and washable mask can be cleaned and stored when not needed


This pandemic got me thinking about a few things that we could do differently and one thing we should do differently: prepare. We’ve had multiple outbreaks in just my lifetime, yet we aren’t really changing how we approach natural disasters. My hope is that we put some thought into it and roll out some real plans for future natural disasters. Thanks for reading! Please like, share and subscribe! Stay safe everyone!

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