Mom ‘n’ Pop Swap Shop

M.G. McIntosh




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Are you the owner of a small business? Maybe you need supplies on a budget? I may have a way to make that easier: A Swap Shop. Basically, it’s a way to barter for extra stock from another company in the same industry. Sometimes, the manager orders extra things like plates for a restaurant. When the new menu comes out, those plates aren’t needed, but are still useful. Often they are placed in storage. Maybe another restaurant would be willing to trade. With the Swap Shop, that could be made easier.


Essentially the swap shop is something that would be set up locally, maybe by the town or city government. For those of you who read my article titled “Town E-Hub”, you’ll know that this is one possible way to create this Swap Shop. Another possibility is the good old fashioned way: by starting a group in the community to serve this need. All you’d need is someone to keep a list of items that each company is willing to part with and then match them up.


Hopefully, this would be a good way to keep costs down and reduce waste. After all, why buy something new, when it is available for less? This might reduce the amount of mining we do as well because we wouldn’t need as many new resources. In a way, this could also help startups with their costs too. One would only have to modify the Swap Shop to allow for donations too. This could really help grow the economy from the bottom up – a kind of grassroots business movement.


It’s a rather simple idea, but I think it could help small businesses everywhere. I think it could revitalize communities and help create opportunities for unique, independent and even culturally diverse startups to flourish.

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