Carlton the Bear Jersey

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Hello all! Leafs fans. Not Leafs fans. Welcome to my blog. Today I am going to suggest that the Toronto Maple Leafs consider a new design for their next third jersey. For a long time now, I have wanted the Leafs to use their mascot Carlton the Bear as the logo on their jersey. And I think I have a pretty cool design.


The Leafs would use Ice Blue as the background colour because polar bears live in the arctic. It would likely be similar to the Quebec Nordiques blue. Carlton the Bear would be designed as a head only and with a growl added for good measure. I’m going for the best version of the Calgary Flames’ “Blasty” Jersey I can muster. I picture the ears being pulled back just a little and the face bearing fangs. The nostrils should flare ‘ice’. It’s the one time the Leafs will actually look fierce so let’s not screw this up, okay? I want this jersey to look like the Leafs are for real. The suit will have some white in the form of stripes in the usual places and , of course, the numbers. If a third colour is necessary, I would choose silver and only as an accent. The Leafs have used this before so it’s not a stretch to bring it back. I want this jersey to send a message – we’re gonna give you hell! You with me? Good. Now let’s talk about fan participation. Remember the Jets’ “whiteouts”? Let’s bring ‘the polar vortex’ – and freeze them out! Go Leafs Go!


As far as I’m concerned, The Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys have always looked a little too much like a jersey from the minors to me. I guess I figure that they erred so far on the side of family friendly that they lost any edge at all. I think the Leafs can do better. I know the Leafs can do better. This team was built for entertainment, but the jerseys were built to disappoint. Maybe that’s fate? Maybe they are trying to tell us something? Like don’t take us seriously. Hey, guys! We’re ‘fun’ now! We can’t win at all! The Maple Leafs jerseys practically scream “not a real team!”. The current logo is just too tame for hockey, if you ask me. So I offered my own take on it. I don’t expect it anytime soon though. They rolled out their third jersey for this year already so I guess I’m waiting just a little bit longer. 


I guess I was just hoping that the Toronto Maple Leafs would give us a super cool jersey because they haven’t given us a cup. My version of a consolation prize – I guess. Well, they will have to run out of other ideas eventually right? I’ll just have to keep hoping for the “best logo ever”.

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