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Sometimes when I go to the store, I like to browse a little. I find that looking around at items on the shelf can help me to find creative uses for everyday things, like the index card holder you can find at most office supply stores. This is how I ultimately decided to create this article describing a book in index card format.


This is pretty straight forward. An author writes a book and formats it into index card sized pages (3” x 5” is the standard). The tabs can be used to sort the book by chapter. The tabs might also include appendices, notes, maps, illustrations, etc. I guess the idea appeals to me because I have an almost insane desire to have everything neatly organized and in its place. An index card holder practically screams “organized”. Besides the obvious perks of an organized layout (great for mysteries, puzzles and immersion – see my articles titled “How to Write a Holonovel” and “Cosplay Theatre”, respectively), the index card format also has the benefit of easy storage since it’s already in a stackable box.


Perhaps the most unique, and likely best use of the index card book, is as a case study. It’s probably a great way to teach students certain subjects – like accounting. The tabs could be used to sort out cheques, invoices, receipts and anything else students will be learning to record. The smaller size is also good for students – it keeps it easy to carry. I majored in accounting and believe me books don’t get smaller in college. I would have loved to have had a physically smaller case study. I also like the fact that it would be self-contained, meaning you would never have loose documents lying around. You could have the “new” invoices in one of the sections and the recorded ones in another. None of them would leave the box unless you were currently reading it – no mess!! I’m probably way too into organizing documents. In another life, I was a secretary. 

Music is another class where this would be useful. Have you ever seen the really small music sheets mounted on the instruments of a marching band? Those are index card size scores. The smaller size allows for the sheet music to be carried more easily – that’s why they use them. Might as well store them too, right? You might have noticed – though I don’t think I have acknowledged it openly until now – I am a huge fan of standardization. Nothing sucks more for an organization nerd like me than randomly sized stuff. What a bummer. Index cards are a standard, so that gives them innate appeal to anyone bit by the organization bug. I swear – I was a secretary. 


Sometimes the most straightforward ideas are also the most fun and versatile ones too. There are so many ways to organize – and so many things to organize. I wish the whole world was as organized as it is in my dreams. Luckily it’s not. And that gives me something to write about.

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