Banff Book Hunt

M.G. McIntosh




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Once again, I’ve the ‘Tourism Bug’. Here is an idea I got while doing some of my more creative writing. As you might’ve guessed I write more than I release on my blog. Some stuff is for later. Well, this one is for now – and later. It all depends on how long it takes you to find the manuscript pages.


Imagine you’ve just arrived in a mysterious little town – a quiet town. You arrive at the information centre. The town is deserted and you’re more than a little curious. What happened here? Where is everybody? And why is there smoke hanging heavily in the air? A page flutters past you, carried by the wind. You stop and pick it up.  


The writer was nervous. The wildfire had been raging on the other side of the mountains for days. It posed no danger. It couldn’t cross through the mountain pass. Still, ash rained down from the skies. It gave the town an eerie, abandoned feeling. On the street, near the corner, a tourist stopped and picked up a page. 


As you can see from the illustration, this kind of ‘book hunt’ could turn a tourist town into the backdrop of many amazing stories. Writers from all over the world could contribute their stories or sell them in town. Tourists could embark on a hunt for manuscript pages that would take them all around town. The best part is that the pages could be found indoors, which would make it a fun activity for less than ideal weather. Businesses could volunteer to have manuscript pages as a way to get extra attention from visitors. It would bring to life an idea that has been used before in books, movies and video games. Collecting the manuscripts would be as easy as snapping a photo – a common pastime for tourists everywhere. Collect them all – or as many as you can.


I can see this game being played in a few mediums. 

  1. Traditional paper copies of the manuscript. Simply post them at various locations. 
  2. To encase the paper in a protector (glass or plastic) and mount it in various locations. This would help the pages last longer. 
  3. Augmented Reality (AR). This would resemble Pokemon Go! in that visitors would explore the town capturing manuscripts using an app. They would also need to wear glasses with a camera to create the virtual manuscripts they will see in the real world setting.
  4. Scavenger Hunt – writer/author could add clues to the next location.
  5. Index Cards – these could be handed out at restaurants (on tables), movie theaters (back of chairs), etc. Tourists could simply purchase the index card case (same one used for mom’s recipes) and enjoy! It could have tabs for the book, photos, postcards, movie tickets, etc.


This fun little adventure could be a real boost for tourism in the shoulder seasons because it can be either indoor or outdoor. It can be adjusted for the weather a little bit too. Manuscript pages could be found in warmer places during the winter and cooler ones during the summer. Books could be rated for audiences too, if necessary. Just a thought. Thanks for reading! Please like, share and subscribe to read my book!! It’s called Into the Stars: Becoming a Modern Day Free Thinker. Please follow me on twitter too!! Thanks so much!!!


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