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A few years back, Procter & Gamble created the Swiffer Carpet Flick Carpet Sweeper. It used a sticky pad which picked up solid stuff on the top side and lint and hair on the bottom side. It seemed to be getting good reviews but was ultimately discontinued. What’s interesting is that they didn’t rejig the device just a little bit. They probably could’ve kept selling it. So I thought I would offer my take on the ideal Swiffer Carpet Sweeper.


  1. It should use rolling brushes. The brushes are a tried and true standard for cleaning without power. Why mess with success? While the use of the double sided sticky pads was definitely innovative, I can see where it might have limitations. For one thing, I can’t imagine that pebbles would stick to it very well. The brushes could handle heavier soil (weight-wise) and are probably better for bigger surfaces.
  2. It should have a bigger and studier base. This is mostly because Swiffer has many innovative products and you never know what might pair well together. I’m thinking of a Swiffer Carpet Sweeper/Swiffer Sweeper Combo.


If you added rolling brushes that would make the base bigger and sturdier. You could clip a Swiffer Sweeper onto the base, and use it as the handle for the Carpet Sweeper. You might want to add a locking mechanism to prevent the base from swiveling as needed. I can honestly see a scenario where that part of the classic Sweeper might break with the additional weight on it. This would have the effect of creating a line of products that share a handle. The consumer would also be able to transition seamlessly between carpet and tile floors. You could still incorporate the sticky pad into the device, but only as a sheet for the classic Sweeper. I guess it’s actually 3-in-1 in that scenario because the consumer could use a fresh sticky sheet the same way they would use the Swiffer Carpet Flick Carpet Sweeper.


Just a thought I had while considering how to clean my new rug. I guess I’ve always been fascinated by the Carpet Sweeper. And I don’t really like vacuum cleaners – too noisy.



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