Automated Gift Card Machine

M.G. McIntosh




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In the last article that I wrote, I talked about adding gift cards to the all inclusive package. I briefly noted that there could be a lot of gift cards circulating in the town. So, what are we going to do with all the cards? Specifically, how do we ensure that we get cards back to the hotels so they can reuse them? After all, they probably would like to keep their costs down, right? Enter my next innovative suggestion: the automated gift card machine.


The concept is actually pretty straight forward. It’s essentially a specially adapted atm. This is how it works. The local (usesr) can insert multiple gift cards and the machine will scan them and tally the dollar amounts remaining on each card. The total amount is transferred to the local’s gift card account (it’s a debit card by another name). This “debit card” is created by each store or service (Roam Transit in the last article). It’s essentially a “master” gift card, issued only once per customer. This card could – and probably should – double as a points card. This will help keep wallets a little lighter too. This card is how customers will redeem the money in store or at the time of purchase. The gift cards can be swallowed by the machine, either through the “feeder” where the cards are inserted or manually through a slot into a bin. This is where they will be picked up, hopefully sanitized or washed and then reloaded for the next customer. See? Easy! It’s a zero waste gift card economy. 


The best location for this kind of machine (at least in Banff), would likely be in hotel lobbies. These are the companies handing out the gift cards in the all-inclusive-package I talked about in my previous article. Between the two ideas, I hope I have pitched a process that will directly improve the lives of the blue collar worker by providing both the money and infrastructure for any services they may want or need. Hopefully, this kind of plan will help keep taxes down too. A win-win. Thank-you for reading this exceptionally short article! Please like, share, and subscribe to read my book – it’s only $1.50. It’s visionary – I promise! It’s called “Into the Stars: Becoming a Modern Day Free Thinker”. Thanks so much. You can follow me on twitter – the link is on my homepage. It’s the little white birdie in the middle and beneath the title.


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