Futuristic “Dumb” Watch

M.G. McIntosh




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Okay. I admit it. This one is tongue-in-cheek. I’d like to introduce you to the futuristic “dumb” watch. This is basically “tricking out”  a $30 watch from Wal-Mart. Now, I wouldn’t call Wal-Mart cheap, but I would say that’s the expensive one. This is a very doable, but totally unserious idea. Nonetheless, I’m going to have fun laying this out for you all, so please, keep reading.


Essentially, I’m making a pretty boring, standard watch a little more modern with some very simple enhancements (listed below in “upgrades”). As I said earlier, this is for fun. There is actually no practical reason to do this. This is just me exercising my brain by reinventing a random object. My idea of a hobby. Let’s take a look at what could be done with the watch.


  1. You could add a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This is mostly to make it seem more modern – and “cool”. For a watch like this, it’s a waste.
  2. A Recharging Cable – see above.
  3. A Docking Station. Watch nerds like me would enjoy showing off our cheap, tacky watch. Why else would anyone display it?
  4. Removable Wrist Bands. Some nerds want to accessorize with brightly coloured bands. Some old school nerds, like me, prefer the pocket watch version. Just include the chain.
  5. Watch Cases. Why should phones have all the fun? I want my watch to have a Toronto Maple Leafs logo. It will help remind me that we haven’t won a cup. In 50 years. And counting. Which is why I bought the watch. To keep counting. (I need a new hockey team). 


Call a spade a “spade”, this watch is going nowhere. Just like my hockey team. I won’t be disappointed – we’re fun now. If you can’t watch your hockey team lose, watch them ironically – am I right? And I’ve got the watch to do it. You’re welcome, leafs fans. Thanks for reading. Please like, share, and subscribe to read my book. Tell all your friends I’m on twitter! Link is on my homepage.


The “dumb” watch.



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