Super Mario World Japan – Part 10

Section 10: POGS

M.G. McIntosh





I’ve been hinting at this one for a little while now because of how much I loved them – POGS!!! Yes, I think Nintendo needs to bring back POGS. For those of you who may not know this, POGS is actually a variation on an older game played with bottle caps. In the past milk bottles were the number one choice for caps. As time passed the game was changed to POGS and a fad was born.


If you read my earlier post on tabletop games, this was the big game I had in mind. I think it would have continued to be successful if there was a referee or “house” to ensure the smooth running of the game. Also, I think the game would benefit from tabletop markings and expanded rules, like a “side pot” for penalties, disputed results and in the case of adults “side bets” or other challenges the players wish to undertake. One example might be a “side pot” to play for slammers or rare POGS.


Essentially to smooth out disputes and make sure everyone is happy, as well adding a “polish” to the game. There is something about making a game a little more professional looking that adds to the appeal.


Just as a further thought, you could expand on POGS by using them in other games. If you merge them with “Connect 4”, for example, the winner takes all POGS that have been “played”. The board could either be the vertical plastic frame popularized by “Connect 4” (useful for slammers because they are thicker) or a flat 2D grid (for both). Checkers might be another good option. Players can keep the POGS that they “jump” during gameplay.


POGS can be any design that you want. You could design them a deck of cards and try collecting all 52 of them or create 3D holographic images. It’s really up to the manufacturer to pick from literally dozens of designs. Or choose humour. Remember the first run of Canadian “Toonies”? Well, they could make a two piece slammer that’s so bad it’s a nod to the currency that inspired it. Maybe the Canadian Mint will volunteer? I’m kidding of course. I just like being creative.


Here’s a thought – could we create a vertical holder for slammers? Think back to the plastic “Connect 4” frame – it would essentially be one row from that grid with a loop fastened to it so it would hang around your belt. A person could reach for their slammer and execute a lightning fast “draw”. I think the visual of the draw would look cool – if anything this nerdy could ever actually be cool, that is. Nintendo could create a POGS case that looks like a retro NES controller or even a gameboy. Pouches for your belt could work too.


Maybe Nintendo could create a zapper that could be used to “shoot” at POGS. I think it could be used to strike the POGS or nearby laser target, which in turn releases a POG as a prize. Kind of like the arcade game that used water guns and a target.  Or maybe the POGS could be dispensed by arcade games instead of tickets. You may remember I described an arcade in Super Mario World Japan Part 9 – New Age Arcade. Could be a fun prize. 


For your viewing pleasure – POGS! I really like the buzzsaw blade slammer – it’s pretty cool!!


I think Nintendo should bring back POGS, add to its tabletop games and make it new again. Nintendo has a slew of unique characters, enemies and images to put POGS and yes, has created some POGS in the past. It would be a great thing for the older demographic looking for something nostalgic to show our kids. Or simply good memories.  Thanks for reading. Please click like, if you liked. Please share and tell all your friends on twitter – I go by @vitwmagazine so please follow me there too!! This concludes the Super Mario World Japan series – so stay tuned for more of my other writing. Have any suggestions? 


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