Super Mario World Japan – Part 8

Section 8: Table Top Games 

M.G. McIntosh





Not every day in Super Mario World is a bright and sunny one. After all, Piranha Plants need something to drink, right? So what to do on a rainy day? I’m thinking of tabletop games and board games to pass the time.


You walk into a room and the hustle and bustle can be felt all around you. It’s busy, not crowded. You have space to walk around. Fluorescent lights shine in the darkness. You wonder how in the world anyone could see their cards – and there it is! Glow-in-the-dark board games. The only thing cooler than board games, right? Cause what the hell. Who needs lights, anyway? As you walk past the first table you see the ‘B’ from the ‘Boo’ card glow eerily in a player’s hand. Boo is there too. He’s looking at you…Boo!!!! You awaken at home wondering what-the-hell you just smoked – I’m kidding.  This is Boo’s house. Super Mario World deserves a Haunted House. Maybe a real one? With a rollercoaster inside? Anyway, back to board games. (It’s hard to believe I just added that spin on it – spur of the moment 😉 Off the top of my head. But I did lol). 


Ideally, Super Mario World would have an indoor space for board games and other tabletop games. And yes, they would glow in the dark. Just for fun. Obviously this theme park is just for kids, but maybe there’s a grown-up park in the works too? (I love Hallowe’en!) There should be a place to play all your Super Mario themed card games, board games and tabletop games. I discussed some of those games throughout this series so I won’t repeat them here. I will however talk more about the game room itself.


The game room would be outfitted with Super Mario themed furniture. I can see Mushrooms as tables, for example. The setup itself would resemble a casino. Each table would have markings on it relating to each game. In a real casino, that would look like a blackjack table. In Super Mario World, it would look like Monopoly, Clue, Wizard and whatever other games prove popular. Make sure there are tables for Pogs! That game was crazy popular when I was growing up. I think it could make a comeback. And maybe sooner than you think 😉 Below is a small list of games that I think might work. 


  • Pogs
  • Marbles
  • A version of Tetra Master (Final Fantasy 9 mini-game)
  • A version of Pokemon

In a nutshell, these games are all battle games. The setup is to allow for a ‘dealer’ or ‘referee’ to have a place at the table to ensure the rules are followed.


I think tabletop games could be a fun way to play with your friends, enjoy a birthday party and in general stay warm and dry on a rainy day. Thanks for reading! Please like, share and tweet!


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