Super Nintendo World Japan – Part 6

Section 6: Sports

M.G. McIntosh





Alright. Time for one of my favourite things in the whole world – sports. Whether you like soccer, hockey, baseball, cricket, tennis or rugby there’s a whole world of sports for Mario to delve right into – so game on!


Who wouldn’t want to be on team “Toad”? I remember being a kid playing street hockey with my friends. The one thing we never really had was team jerseys. As we got older we all eventually got our own hockey jerseys, but we cheered for different teams. It would have been great if we could have had jerseys made by Nintendo! Problem solved!


Obviously the designs would follow the colour schemes of the main characters in the Super Mario Universe and be split into two divisions (Mario vs Bowser). The colours would be as follows:

Mario Division

  • Mario (red) 
  • Luigi (green)
  • Toad (blue)
  • Princess Peach (pink)
  • Yoshi (yellow) Just to be different. Although he was yellow in the original Super Mario World for the SNES, amongst other colours)
  • Donkey Kong (brown/red)
  • Didi Kong (red/blue)
  • Princess Daisy (orange)

Bowser Division

  • Goomba (brown)
  • MagiTroopa (sky blue/gold)
  • Boo (white)
  • Bullet Bill (black)
  • Blooper (grey)
  • Waluigi (purple)
  • Wart (gold)
  • Bowser (green/yellow)

These jerseys would also form a collection (16 in all!), in case there are any collectors out there. 


  1. Soccer
  2. Basketball
  3. Golf T-Shirt (polos)
  4. Rugby
  5. etc.


There are some video games I think would be popular because the sports they are based on are followed world wide. This list would include cricket, soccer, ringette, lacrosse and rugby. The soccer game in particular could incorporate some elements of an earlier Nintendo game called Nintendo World Cup Soccer. The bicycle kicks and tackles (combined with the hilarious reaction from the opposing players) were probably the two best features. I’d maybe keep them in some form. After all, Mario is all about fun! A hockey game could include power ups to help or hinder your team as follows: (mushroom = big bobble head; star = invincible/can’t be checked; flower = fire balls to knock down opposing players, etc.) This list is not exhaustive, of course, because I could go on all day.


Both in the real world and the video game game world there is so much left for Mario to explore. I can only hope that Nintendo keeps up its innovative and forward-thinking approach to its Super Mario Bros. franchise! Thanks for reading! Like, Subscribe and E-mail all your friends!


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