Super Nintendo World Japan – Part 3

Section 3: Toys

M.G. McIntosh





Alright – let’s talk about toys. If you checked out the links included in Section 1: Introduction you’ll already have seen a lot of the merchandise available. These are a few things that weren’t included in those videos, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t there. Maybe there just wasn’t time for everything. In any case, I have a few ideas for Super Mario World’s toy department.


Back in my day, these came in a briefcase. The cars were in slots for display. Obviously these hot wheels are Mario Karts and would feature the characters used in the popular game series of the same name. This is a collectors item. Mario Karts can be sold separately and added to the case for display as you go. In this way, several sets could be created too. Complete each set and maybe get a prize? Just a thought.


Another favourite of kids, the slot track sends race cars speeding around the track at the pull of a trigger. A Super Mario Bros. themed version of this iconic race track could be a hit amongst kids everywhere. Also, it’s a natural extension of the Mario Kart video games. Imagine Rainbow Road as one of the tracks. There could even be a set of cars that could be collected for use on the track. Perhaps the tracks could be expanded so that up to eight cars can be raced at once.


A favourite invention of mine. My friends and I used to play for hours and hours with Mini-Sticks and black foam hockey pucks. This toy would be a natural extension of Super Mario Bros. sports games and perhaps serve as a motivation to create Mario Hockey as a stand alone video game. The video game could incorporate power ups to add some fun, allowing the characters to acquire hockey related abilities. In the meantime, mini sticks are a pretty fun collectable item. Pair them with numbered shirts (even just simple soccer jerseys) and you’ve got a pretty good way to have a game of hockey.


These are just a few examples of toys that Nintendo could create or partner on that would be fun for kids to play. I’ve played with all these toys, they were part of my childhood and some pretty good memories.


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