Super Nintendo World Japan – Part 1

Section 1: Introduction

M.G. McIntosh





Welcome to “Super Mario Summer”. Okay, that’s not a thing. Today I am going to focus my analysis on a childhood dream of mine: A Nintendo inspired theme park. And it just so happens that it opened in Japan. Just a heads up, this is the largest multi-part analysis I have written to date (see Sections, below). After reviewing some videos of the theme park, I started writing down my thoughts. What are some products I would like to see? What are games I’d like to play? What would I like to see added to Super Nintendo World? This multi-part review covers these ideas.


To bring out the best in Super Nintendo World. One thing I’ve noticed throughout my life is that private companies rarely ask their customer base for thoughts, ideas, and products that they could sell. Generally, the company will pick products it thinks will sell, rather than create the products the market wants them to sell. That is where I come in. I’m going to suggest a huge number of ideas, improvements and additions to Super Nintendo World. So buckle up! – and welcome to ‘Mister’ Toad’s wild ride.


To keep in lock step with Nintedo’s old tagline “ Too Much Fun”.


I will talk about several different aspects of Super Mario World Japan including:

  1. Why I’m writing about it (Introduction), which you are currently reading.
  2. ‘Mister’ Toad’s Wild Ride – Find out who Toad is in my eyes
  3. Toys
  4. Memorabilia
  5. Cards and Card Games
  6. Sports
  7. E-Mario
  8. Table Top Games
  9. New Age Arcade
  10. POGS!!!


I hope you had fun – ‘too much fun’. I know I did. I love the Super Mario Bros. And Maybe Toad most of all. Thank-you and please like, share and subscribe! You’re the best!


  1. First Visit to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan (Spoilers) | Mario Kart & Food – YouTube
  2. Super Nintendo World Merchandise Tour 2021 | Mario Kart & T-Shirts | Universal Studios Japan – YouTube
  3. Super Nintendo World Exclusive 8-Bit Merchandise | Universal Studios Japan | LET’S GO MERCH – YouTube


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