Uti-Leisure Clothes

M.G. McIntosh




  • Voice in the Wind Magazine Inc.


If you’ve ever done any kind of work that involves picking up and putting down objects repeatedly, (like a pen or marker) then you’ve probably realized that these things get lost too. After all, who can keep track of all these things? Well, I’ve done some thinking about this and I think I have a neat solution: Uti-Leisure Clothes. First of all, what is “uti-leisure”? Well it’s a compound word: “utility” and “leisure” become uti-leisure. As the name implies it’s a combination of relaxed, comfortable everyday clothes and some features that make them a little more handy around the house.


If you’ve ever seen a chef’s cost before then it should be easy enough to picture. If not then I have included a couple of images to help (see “pictures”, below). Essentially, uti-leisure combines a concept, like the sleeve pocket with our every day shirts. The sleeve pocket isn’t the only concept but it serves as an easy illustration of the broader concept. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably gotten used to finding your pen on your sleeve – after all, I’ve worked in a kitchen for ten years now. Blue-collar habits die hard, trust me. They’re too useful not to. That’s the reason I think these clothes will be super popular. Handy and comfortable.


Below is a picture of a white chef’s coat. Notice the pocket with the pens. To the right is a magnified view of the pocket holding a thermometer and a pen. I chose grey so the coat would stand out against the page.


  1. Overalls: Anyone else notice they are like a combination of jeans and an apron? Maybe it’s time to try them in something other than denim. Might prove handy and be comfortable.
  2. Hobby (Hip) Pouches: Useful in many trades and in day-to-day life. These pouches can be purpose made for various tools (hair dresser’s kit, sewing kit, mini tool belt) and everyday items (smoker’s kit, makeup, video game accessories, computer accessories, guitar kit, instrument cleaning/maintenance kit etc.)
  3. Sash


Hopefully, this idea will find the right people and it will come to life one day. It would be nice to buy a shirt and have the pocket too! Saves me finding lost pens.


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