All E.L.S.E. Act

M.G. McIntosh




  • Voice in the Wind Magazine Inc.


The idea here is that participation in capitalism should be barrier free because it is mandatory and the only alternative (at the moment) is poverty. The following proposal seeks to wipe out barriers to free-enterprise and the free market system.


 The “All E.L.S.E” Act seeks to reduce the red tape involved in incorporating, subsidize incorporation fees (or create a tax credit), provide support for start-ups, and reprioritize our funding to small businesses (so called “Mom and Pop” businesses). This legislation would also provide the right to a bank account without a minimum balance requirement. In addition, this legislation would encourage the creation of new companies to replace jobs lost to overseas competition. The acronym “E.L.S.E” stands for Entry-Level Self-Employment, because when all else has failed – become self-employed. 


  1. Someone to create the legislation
  2. A petition OR bill on the floor of Parliament
  3. Political willpower
  4. Support of the people
  5. A grassroots movement
  6. Humanitarian spirit


  1. Economic growth
  2. Replaces jobs lost to overseas competition
  3. Encourages innovation, ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit
  4. Makes it possible for anyone to start a company
  5. Creates new jobs, products and services


I believe that this legislation will unleash the engine of the economy and our collective resourcefulness allowing us to move swiftly into the future. It is my hope that this will empower the people to follow their dreams to a brighter tomorrow. 


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