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If you’re a fan of Hilary Duff like I am, then you’ve probably seen her most recent interview on the Jess Cagle Show (see “links” below). On this episode Hilary talked about the Lizzie McGuire Reboot and why it isn’t going to happen. But I have another theory as to why it won’t happen and a possible way for the show to make its comeback.


My theory, though I have no proof, is that Disney probably has exclusive rights to the content. This is based purely on the observation that no one has ever successfully migrated content from one studio to another. In other words, the creator of a show doesn’t seem to have the right to “shop around” and find an interested studio, if the original studio is no longer interested in the project. If a creator had the right to “shop around”, it would probably mean that the studio accepted a “right of first refusal” clause in the contract. Right of first refusal being a fancy way of saying they have “dibs” and if they don’t act on it the creator is free to move on to another studio. It’s too bad because the right of first refusal would actually help the actor/actress (in this case Hilary Duff) too.


Let’s assume that the creator, Terri Minski, was able to take the Lizzie McGuire Reboot and “shop around”. This would mean that another studio has agreed to produce the show – it’s been greenlit. In this scenario, the show would come to life, which the fans would love. But how does this help Hilary Duff? Or any other actor/actress, for that matter? Well, it sets the stage (see what I did there? Lol) for the actor/actress to negotiate the right to broadcast the content on his/her/their own website. After all, each individual actor/actress is essentially their own brand. No offense to Disney, but if I had to choose between paying Disney and paying Hilary Duff directly (and this is so getting taken out of context and I don’t even care Lol), I would pay Hilary any day of the week. Let’s just say that free-thinkers like myself believe in being rewarded for our work (tips, awards, and trophies for example). And why not? I earned them. I worked hard. I have talent. It feels good to be recognized for your effort.


So why would the website even come into being in the first place. Well, some of us are fans of the actors/actresses and their work much more than we are fans of the studio. This creates an interesting situation, where the fans are to actors/actresses like clientele is to a real estate agent – we tend to follow the career of the actors/actresses, repeatedly seeking out their work. This means that an actor/actress with the right to put their own work on their own website would be able to get “tips” and in return the fans would get all of the content of their favourite actor/actress in one convenient location. And trust me, the convenience doesn’t hurt. Personally, I’m kinda tired of chasing content all around the bloody internet. I’d rather just pick one streaming service, plus one or two actors/actresses and call it a day. After all, my spending money is limited. I’d like some bang for my buck.


All of this to say that I appreciate Hilary’s work. I’m each person reading this has their own favourite actor/actress. I’ve actually talked a little bit about this before in an earlier report (see Disney Touch), where I touch on the subject in the form of an app. The link for that report is also included below. Thanks for reading this and please like, share and subscribe to read my book.


  1. Disney Touch – Voice in the Wind
  2. Hilary Duff Reveals Why ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot was Axed – YouTube

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