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M.G. McIntosh



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  • Voice In The Wind Magazine Inc.


We all know that Disney is famous for its amusement parks, the most popular being Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. For me, Disney has always been unique as an entertainment company because of its presence in the real world. It’s the imaginary turned into real life. It’s tangible. Disney was made special because of touch, because it connected to its customers in a way that a purely digital company never could. I can see a time when Disney leverages that sense of touch and becomes a proprietary platform all on its own. It’s tagline: ‘Touch’ is the most human thing of all. This is what happens when you infuse a corporation with a sense of humanism.


Introducing Disney Touch. A cell phone, tablet, smart watch and computer line with apps for Disney+ and for each actor (i.e Hilary Duff app with all her work included). The devices will be run on DisneyOS (or whatever they call their proprietary operating system).


I’ve been thinking a lot about the now cancelled revival of ‘Lizzie McGuire’ and I think this solution might solve the problem. Basically, Disney+ is generally family rated content. In order to grow up a character (like Lizzie McGuire) it might mean the content no longer fits under the PG rating as it’s intended for a more mature audience (say 17+). With these devices and the corresponding apps, this is no longer a problem. All content on the Disney+ app can be family friendly. Hulu (which is owned by Disney), The actors’ own apps (Hilary Duff app) and others can be rated accordingly, giving the company full flexibility to offer what it wants, how it wants. And since apps are downloaded, anything not rated for family can simply require verification. It’s like child-proofing your tv.


  1. Content can be placed where it’s most appropriate
  2. Leverages Disney’s physical connection to its customer base (touch)
  3. Actors/Actresses can essentially be their own brand in association with Disney
  4. Actors/Actresses may feel less typecast because diverse or mature roles can be exclusive to their own app/brand giving them more choices
  5. Touch is the most human thing of all – we’re social creatures
  6. Customers can get all their content in one place with DisneyPass (essentially one subscription which is good for both Disney+ and Hulu (and maybe more)
  7. Provides Disney the opportunity to enter into the “edu-tainment” (educational-entertainment) market. (This means they produce video games that are specifically used to teach kids various subjects including reading, math and science)


I’d like to believe that with compassion, empathy and listening we can solve any problem on Earth. I hope that people are encouraged to participate in the world around them as we work together to solve some of today’s biggest challenges. In the meantime, I will settle for thought-provoking ideas and heartfelt conversations about our time together as the human family.


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