Into the Stars: Becoming a Modern-Day Free Thinker

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Star Trek: First Step

I suppose I’ll start from the beginning. Why am I writing this book? I have had a growing feeling inside of me that I have something to say and it needs to be written down. I have good values, a vision and a unique point of view I’d like to share. I hope to take you on an incredible journey into the near future where we’ll find common ground, shared values, compassion and empathy. I endeavour to answer two basic questions in my writing, the first was alluded to in the title of the chapter: How did Next Generation and Voyager get there from here? The second is what would I do if I were Prime Minister of Canada or the President of the U.S.A? Together, the answers to these two questions provide the context for all that you are about to read. But let’s back up a step – and answer one more question: Why this title for my book?
It was June 19, 2020 or shortly after, I don’t remember clearly. I was reading an article titled “Into the Wild bus removed from Alaska backcountry” posted on the CBC website. I was sad to see the bus go, naturally. I really enjoyed reading “Into the Wild” by John Krakauer, the book mentioned in the article. I had been struggling for a title to my book even though I had already lined up the book, chapter by chapter in an overview I used as a map for organizing my thoughts and setting the flow of this book. My first choice had been Star Trek: First Step, (I’ve seen the Star Trek title used by many authors, I have read many of those books) but as a first-time writer, with no agent, I had no idea how to go about finding information on licensing (if that’s even possible), paying royalties, contract negotiations or anything else that would help me decide if my homage to Star Trek could ever happen. As such, I was left without a title. And then I read the article. I remembered the book. Into the Stars sounded like a great title for a book aimed at launching the “space age” or, at the very least, giving us a push in that direction anyhow. I also had my concerns that the book would sound too much like science fiction and not be seen as a serious attempt at envisioning our future. It was also very important to me to provide an accurate context for my book. In the end, fate will decide if this title sticks or has to be changed yet again.
As it happens, the bus was removed. Too many people have died. Maybe they will replace it with a monument that honours everyone who came, everyone who died, searching for the next chapter to their own story. Maybe the monument will honour the human value of curiosity, and the exploration and adventure it inspires. It seems a shame to leave the land empty, to forget why we were inspired in the first place. To that end, I present to you the first of my suggestions to get us from here to there from my concept report titled “Trading Statues” which I have reproduced below.


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