Redefining the DVD Case

M.G. McIntosh





I am an avid movie goer. I used to go every week. I’ve seen (almost?) every Marvel movie. And I had this thought: I wonder if I could use a DVD case the way we use a recipe holder – as a method of filing stuff? We’d only need to modify the case slightly: 1) remove all the plastic stuff for holding DVD’s and the clips on the left side to make the case completely flat. 2) Add in rings (like a two ring binder) or some other method of holding the paperwork. Now we have a mini binder. So, why would I do this?


You’re at the movies. You had a good time. You like to collect movie tickets as souvenirs. They aren’t exactly made to fit in much. They aren’t really a standard size. If the movie ticket was thin cardboard (like the free download card you find in video games) it would fit right into the case. It would be made for it. The company producing the movie might even put a tab on it for easy filing. And I can think of a few other things that go in that case too.


  1. Upcoming movie ad: Essentially you’d get a little cardboard advertisement complete with a tab (someone in marketing will oversee this project to ensure that all the tabs are coordinated properly). Imagine seeing a slightly smaller version of the “Iron Man” poster from the movies or DVD covers (front and back).
  2. Character trading cards: I like “Captain America”!
  3. Movie tickets (if designed for this purpose)
  4. Autographed photos of the cast
  5. Memorabilia (like envelope seals, which no one ever uses lol)
  6. Blank ‘Notes’ Pages
  7. Artwork


  1. It comes to mind that you could launch one of those ad campaigns to “collect them all”. Also, you could release the trading cards separately so customers could have fun trading them for the cards missing from their collection.
  2. Could offer two different versions of the movie ticket, etc: theatre and DVD.
  3. Could offer ‘holographic’ artwork
  4. Could offer alternate DVD covers (tabs across the top to reduce blank space)


  1. DVD case is large enough to be useful for this purpose (CD and BLU-RAY cases are too small and to thin)
  2. Creates a new standard for paperwork
  3. Creates a new kind of ad campaign for movies
  4. DVD cases can be stored easily
  5. Instant souvenir
  6. Creates jobs
  7. Good for the economy
  8. Novelty item


Basically this is a collectors’ item so have fun with it. It could actually be repurposed for music and concerts too, now that I think about it (thank-you Carrie Underwood – I needed a little inspiration!). And hey – why not try your hand at creating your own version of a ‘collectors’ case. What would you put in it?


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