A Letter: Eco-Parking Initiative

Re: Paid Parking

I would like to propose that Town Council delays the implementation of paid parking for the time being. I have a counter-proposal to offer: an Eco-Parking Initiative.

This initiative is very simple: we create smaller parking spaces that are suitable for sub-compact cars. These parking spots should follow two basic principles:

1) They remain free parking (all other spots can be paid)

2) They are ‘premium’ spots (closest to the attractions)

I am curious to see how many tourists would rent a sub-compact car to putter around town in – or actually drive one to get here.

I have also noted that certain electric vehicles are sub-compact cars, for example the Chevrolet Bolt. These spots could be upgraded to facilitate recharging at a later date, but it won’t be necessary now.

I suspect that paid parking is being brought in by the Town due to ‘budget concerns’. By that logic, the more vehicles you can fit into the town the more revenue the town generates. A reasonable person would assume the town would want the extra money. Interestingly enough, there is no real push to incentivize ‘downsizing’ our vehicles. The inaction on this front is at odds with both ‘budget concerns’ and the ‘environment’. Electric cars are a few years from being affordable. I will be fascinated to see if the Town takes the opportunity to reshape tourism, or chooses to ‘pass’ on this idea.


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