Augmented Reality Tourism – Part 1

  • Voice in the Wind Magazine





Imagine a time and place where the economy is slumping and we are in need of new ideas to kickstart economic growth. In particular, the tourism economy has been hard hit. Maybe imagine a time and place where innovation is at its peak and new ideas are emerging everywhere. Either way, we can be there with a little help. 


I suggest we bring augmented reality to tourism everywhere. That sunny beach in the caribbean? Home of pirates and adventures! That visit to the local museum? A dinosaur playground in three dimensions! The family trip to the amusement park? An adventure with all your favourite tv characters! And all this may one day be possible with augmented reality. 


  1. Smart glasses
  2. A destination
  3. Apps containing the augmented reality of your choice
  4. Method of travel to and from your destination


  1. Tourist towns, resorts, parks and other destinations will network with companies that produce smart glasses, and with content producers (movies, video games, books) to create augmented realities using the layout of each destination.
  2. Destinations will compete for unique add-ons, games, etc to be developed.
  3. All parties will negotiate the details of whatever agreements are needed.
  4. Destinations will provide/sell smart glasses to tourists on location.


  1. Opens up a whole new type of tourism economy
  2. Creates new jobs and industries
  3. Expands existing industries (smart glasses, tourism, transportation)
  4. Creates a new way for people to relax and enjoy vacation


One day, in the not so distant future, it may be common for people to vacation to “e-theme parks” or places where augmented reality is available to enhance the tourism experience. This may open up a whole new type of economy for future generations.

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