Virtual Reality Hotel

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Imagine you could go on vacation anywhere you want without ever leaving your hotel room. You could be in Paris today, London tomorrow and Tokyo the next without ever packing your bags. We may be closer than ever to making your dream vacation come true with just a few clicks of a mouse.


I suggest we look into bringing virtual reality to hotels. Each hotel room would need an empty room to set up for virtual reality as well as a bedroom to sleep in at night. Guests would use the virtual reality setup to pick any destination they desired and visit. Guests could also play virtual reality games while on vacation.


  1. Hotel bedroom and an additional room for virtual reality
  2. Virtual Reality Headset, sensors and computer
  3. Virtual destinations from all around the world


  1. Opens up a new kind of tourism economy
  2. Less travel should mean fewer carbon emissions
  3. Creates new jobs in the tourism and technology industries


In a world of expanding possibilities, technology is a part of life as we know it and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Each new technology offers new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike, and virtual reality will play its role in future innovations.

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