Oval Parking

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We’ve all had that nightmare of trying to park our car and the parking lot is not just full, but also at a standstill. No one can move in or out, no one can turn around and everyone is waiting for someone else to move. Well I’ve had enough! No more! Time to change parking lots for the better!


I suggest we adopt “Oval Parking”, a concept which combines a unique layout (the oval shape of the lot), with “roundabouts” to create a parking lot with a continuous, uninterrupted flow of vehicles and an easy way to turn around. Alternatively, this model can be used to replace street parking with angle parking, the advantage being that the size of the parking spots will vary allowing vehicles of many different sizes to park. At each end of the parking lot, the spots will be smaller than a standard sedan which allows for motorcycles, bikes, etc to park in the same lot without any significant loss of space. The middle spaces will be larger which will allow oversized vehicles a place to park too.


  1. Replaces street parking
  2. Has spots of different lengths allowing for everything from oversized vehicles to bikes to share the lot easily
  3. Each end of a single oval has a half roundabout allowing traffic to turn around and circle the parking lot easily
  4. Alleviates traffic by eliminating parallel parking
  5. Could be stacked to form a parking garage
  6. Can be linked to form a surface parking lot of several ovals in size
  7. Easy access, smooth traffic flow and no stops


I think most of us are pretty tired of losing time in parking lots and would like to see some changes made to the designs in the future to accommodate the kind of intense traffic flow seen in cities and tourist destinations around the world.

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