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Many people around the world have been cooped up for a while now. Most of them would probably like to get a drink and see their friends. Of course they can’t because the bars are closed. Let’s look at one of the reasons why: People put their drinks down, play a little eightball, lose track of the drink, and then return to pick up the wrong one. This allows both respiratory and oral diseases to spread. 


I suggest we mandate beer holsters for all patrons. It’s essentially a chest holster, like the kind for a gun, but with a cup shaped holder and a beer in it. It’s really not complicated.  I guess I am hoping to help get us back to normal in some small way because I feel bad for everyone who is stuck inside and getting cabin fever.


  1. Leather belt (or the material of your choice)
  2. Cup shaped holster
  3. Manufacturers to make and retailers to sell product
  4. Legislation to require its use
  5. People wanting out of the house


  1. Restores jobs lost due to shutdown
  2. Lets everyone out of the house for drinks
  3. Improves the economy
  4. Creates new jobs


I hope that this product can be manufactured by someone and sooner rather than later because there are a lot of people who would like to see their friends for a drink and it’s been a long year for everyone. Hang in there.

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