The “Who Am I” Game

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Have you ever wanted to meet someone but then the words just weren’t there? The clever icebreaker disappeared, your introduction swallowed whole and all because of nervousness? We’ve all been there at one time or another. Maybe I can help. 


Introducing “Who Am I?”, the game that helps you find out interesting things about other people. The premise is very simple: get a group of people together that have only just met and have them write about anything  – except themselves. It can be poetry, short stories, essays, opinion writing or reviews. Each person will read the various materials and then ask questions of everyone in the room. In this way, each person is given some idea of what to talk about because the topics were chosen by someone in the room. The trick is to find out who wrote what piece. Pen names only!


  1. Lined paper
  2. Pens/pencils
  3. Bulletin board for the finished writing
  4. Authors/writers


  1. Fun way to socialize
  2. Good for people with Autism (I hope!)
  3. Creates interesting topics to discuss
  4. Ideal in classroom settings, especially writing classes to teach writing forms


I hope that this game proves fun, interesting and brings together people all over the world.

Voice In The Wind Magazine Inc.


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