He is…

May 1, 2020

Ode to Robin Scherbatsky

Dear Robin,

You are looking for love and the search has been long. You are committed to your job and need someone who fits that life. He is out there.

He is…

A man who could be anywhere in the world and he’s home because he’s by your side.

A man who doesn’t want to live in New York, he wants to live from New York, leaving the nest over and over again, but always knowing where it is and when to come home.

A man who doesn’t want to build a life, he wants to experience it. He is looking for a feeling and that feeling can only be found in you.

A man of impeccable style and taste, complimenting your every whim and desire and knowing all the while that you are the finest of wines, a life to be appreciated to the fullest, enjoyed and always special.

A man who is sensitive, passionate, and never afraid to take a chance on love or on your dreams because he knows he is one of them.

A man who can show you the stars, and you are one of them – his northern star – shining brightest of all and guiding him to love, happiness and holy matrimony.

A man who is incomplete without you, vulnerable, because you are the rib above his heart, filling a hole he never knew he had.

The right man. And he is looking for you.

Lots of love,

Voice In The Wind Magazine Inc.


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