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The world is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and searching for solutions. We are seeing both the human toll and the economic fallout of countries around the world shutting down to prevent the spread of this disease. What if we could speed up the recovery? What if we could be back on the mend quicker? Reopen businesses and markets sooner? Recapture supplies that were hoarded by anxious consumers who feared the uncertainty of the times? There may be a way.


We should create a way to give individuals who have recovered from a disease, the “green light” to return to ordinary life during an outbreak. The Green Cross Program will do exactly that and is based on the idea that the world will develop a test to see who has already had a given virus (whichever one we face next). Those who have recovered can be given a Green Cross lapel button or another item to signify they have been given the “all clear” medically to resume work, help others in need or be allowed to live normally again.


  1. Test for evidence of recovery from outbreak
  2. Mobile test facilities and/or a mass produced home testing kit
  3. Green Cross lapel pin and/or wrist band
  4. Green Cross Card (wallet size)


  1. Workers should be able to return to work sooner enabling them to make money and pay bills with less interruption to their lives.
  2. Economic recovery should be quicker and the contraction should be shortened.
  3. Supplies should go further because there will be less need to “hoard” and stockpiled supplies could be donated to those in need as people recover and pass them on.
  4. Supply of labour should increase during the outbreak making it possible to deploy more measures and sooner than would be possible otherwise.


I believe that a program such as this would benefit the countries around the world greatly during outbreaks. If we all work together, we can do anything!

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