Let’s show our values

Though I am not an artist, I have a suggestion for the art work for Bear Street that I would like to submit. I would like our little town to reflect our values so I propose two concepts:

  1. The word “Human”. It seems simple but at a time of identity politics, division and uncertainty we need to get back to the basics and remember who we all are: human beings. “There’s no such thing as identities, only human beings” has become a favourite saying of mine. Labels, after all, are for things you put on a shelf. We’re NOT products, we’re people. Equality is sameness. It’s about people and it’s three simple words: I am human. We need a beacon of hope and unity in our community. Let’s make it happen.
  2. A rock, turned over and beneath it are the words “Peace on Earth”. Peace should be our most cherished treasure and value. Without it there is no stability, home or rest. Let’s be conscience of all the wonderful things that peace brings to our lives, especially at this time of year when we’re all tied to our homes for the holidays.

Let’s make the most of the opportunity in front of us and shape our community around our values and the light and love that make us whole. Let us remember who we are and what we hope to become as a community: a good home.

Voice In The Wind Magazine Inc.


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