Welcome to Voice In The Wind Magazine

Hello! And welcome to my blog. Over time, I hope to develop my blog into a community of readers, writers and thought-provoking individuals. I hope inspire discussions on a range of topics. I look forward to having you all along for the journey and I hope you find my opinions interesting, intelligent and insightful as I hope to help bring people together.

I plan on posting once a week to start because I do have a full time job in a restaurant and my hours fluctuate throughout the year. Please bear with me through the ups and downs as I begin this journey. I know there will be some, but I hope to keep on track.

My subscription material, for the time being, will be exclusively from my book. I will post it in sections (you will see why) and over the weeks ahead the book will be completely posted. It’s like an “anthology” or collection of sorts, which means I can add new sections anytime or simply close the book. I hope the book will meet its goal of giving readers hope and optimism for our future. For now I will post my other material and will follow-up with an annoucement for the book release.

The range of topics I cover will be as diverse as I can manage, ranging from hockey to politics and lots in between. I hope to tell you a little about myself along the way. If all goes well, I hope to expand to a full magazine format for future readers to enjoy.

I can’t wait to share this experience with all of you! Thanks so much!

Voice In The Wind Magazine Inc.

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